From masks to crafts

By Louise Hollingsworth

When the first lockdown hit back in March 2020, I was frustrated.

Just weeks before, I’d left my job at Deep Sea Electronic where I’d worked for 4 years, and I left to pursue my dreams of being a Lash Technician. When the lockdown hit, however, I couldn’t work and so had no income. The government couldn’t give me a grant for being self-employed because it had only been for a month.

Charlotte Stanley started a mask making business in the first lockdown and has since moved onto other crafts.

That’s where my mask business began. I was bored, moneyless and thinking what can I do to get some money? Well, I’d always enjoyed textiles in school so I blew off the dust from my sewing machine and thought I’d try making masks.

I never expected it would take off like it did, and so I branched out to make scrunchies too. Matching scrunchie and mask sets were a hit and I’ve developed into “Scrunchies, Crafts and more”. I now sell masks, headbands, bandanas, t-shirts, scrunchies, heatless hair curlers, mugs and glasses and I have a website coming soon. 

I’m so grateful for what my business has become, and even though I’m back at my job of being a Lash Technician, I’ll be keeping my craft business going.