Life after vaccination

I am 96 and extremely vulnerable, if I get Covid I die to put it bluntly. I’ve been shielding and lonely along with many others during lockdown. However, since becoming fully vaccinated in March I’ve discovered a new lease of life.

An image of Maureen Davis who is narrating the story. Maureen is smiling and looking at the camera.
Maureen Davis, 96 speaks about how the vaccine has given her a confidence boost.

I’ve always been very independent. I live alone and take care of myself so having to rely so heavily on my daughter to provide my shopping was challenging for me. Whilst being independent, I love being surrounded by my huge and crazy family and not being able to see them for almost a year was the worst part of it all.

Now, after having the vaccine I am feeling more confident and have more of my freedoms back. 

I’ve had a rather emotional reunion with some of my family and have even had the chance to meet my new great grandson which felt impossible a few months back.

I’ve been able to go to Church again which feels like my second home. The services are carried out safely and it’s a good chance to speak with my friends who have had similar lockdown experiences to me.

I still take the appropriate measures to keep myself safe, but things are starting to feel a lot more normal for me and I am so grateful for that.