I lost my home and relationship

By Emilia Kettle

Before March 2020 I had a steady part-time job at a local coffee shop whilst finishing my degree. By June, I was made redundant and could no longer afford my rent. 

girl smiling at the camera with a brick wall behind her, wearing a leather jacket and white top.
After losing her job, Amy Dwyer could no longer afford her rent and had to think fast.

It was scary knowing that I would have to find somewhere else to live and not having a job or any furlough to support me. I was hoping I could move back in with my mum, but she’s a nurse and I have asthma so we decided it would best if I moved in with my boyfriend Jim.

At the time we had only been dating for four months so the idea of moving in together so quickly was terrifying. We had no idea how it would work because we’d never even spent a full week together let alone move in together. 

Looking back now I’m glad situations happened that forced us to make those steps because it helped us grow so much as a couple in such a short amount of time. 

Ten months on from losing my job and my home, I’m happier than ever. I’ve been able to get a new job and the last year has made me realise how important relationships are.