Creating handmade cards with a ‘personal touch’

Sewing was a hobby that I sort of lost as a teenager but, lockdown helped me find my passion again.

Rachel Grady setup small business, Spider Plant Crafts in March 2020.

I started sewing again in the first lockdown because it was something that I really enjoyed doing when I was little. I then began making some of my designs into little cards to send to friends, who suggested I should start selling them. So, I thought why not? Let’s give it a go.

I never intended for it to be a business; it was initially just something for me to do, especially with college being closed and everything getting cancelled, it was nice to have something to fill my days.

Also, I was on a zero-hour contract prior to the pandemic, which meant I didn’t receive any furlough, so I didn’t have any money coming in either.

Receiving a personalised gift like one of my cards, means a lot more at the minute especially because people can’t see each other. It’s nice to send something a bit more personal and thoughtful, rather than just a text message.

The cards can be personalised by messaging @Spiderplantcrafts on Instagram.

It’s not been easy setting up a business during a pandemic but, people have been really supportive, and everyone has wanted to help by either sharing my posts or sending them to their family and friends.

The feedback I have received and the response I’ve got from people has been amazing. I’ll definitely be carrying on with the business even though the lockdown restrictions are now beginning to ease.