The accordionist

By Jacob Lyon

I got bored as most people did while stuck at home with nothing to do, so I thought let’s try something new? And then I bought an accordion.

Jordan looking down as he plays his red accordion with it's white flowing patterned engravings.
Jordan Partridge, engineering student, with his Galotta 48 Bass accordion

I must’ve seen an advert for one on Facebook Market place and thought, huh? This seems like an interesting instrument that’s pretty out there.

I’ve messed around on a piano a few times while my brother was learning to play, and my girlfriend studies music so since this talent seems to surround me then why not jump on board.

As far as niche instruments go, it’s certainly a conversation starter at the very least.

Picking up this new hobby meant I had to learn a little bit of music theory and the basics of sheet reading which I probably haven’t done since I was 13!

It was a challenge though, while you can quite easily find piano sheet music, you can’t find the accordion equivalent. It becomes a process of having to adapt what I can see from these piano sheets into the chords and melodies myself for the accordion.

I started with the basics of Row Row Row Row Boat and now just 2 months and a week later I’m learning whatever I like the sound of as well!

Jordan sitting in a park pictured with red brick houses while he holds a richer red accordion.
As I left, Jordan played me a sweet serenade to the tune of the Tetris theme.