Capturing life an image at a time

A young Photographer’s striking yet simplistic method of overcoming extensive homesickness

Kya stayed connected to family through photographs.

Kya Lofthouse, 23, moved to the UK solo in November 2019 to pursue her dreams as a professional photographer.

She explains the extent of her homesickness and how since the pandemic she has felt anything but hopeful.

“When the UK’s lockdown measures took effect, I had an impending sense of doom that I would not set foot in my hometown of Vietnam for a long time.”

“Home feels further away than ever, I miss the smell of my mother’s perfume when she hugs me and my father’s voice.

I have never had a feeling like this in my life” she recalls.

Kya decided to take up a challenge throughout lockdown to capture her life in lockdown, no matter how big or small the activity, she would log it through her photo gallery.

“I would take a picture each day of a singular activity or a snippet of my daily routine, it is the only thing in my life which I feel as though I have control over.”

The photos are simplistic yet powerful, ranging from her Facetiming her family to making her favourite Vermicelli dish.

“Me and my family exchange our everyday photographs with each other to feel a sense of connection to each other.