From barista To detective

Lockdown was tough, but I’m excited to start my career.

I went into lockdown feeling pretty lost, like a lot of graduates my age.

At first, I enjoyed it because of the novelty of the situation; I was getting furloughed by the cafe that I’d been working at, it was sunny and COVID was new and frightening for everybody in the country.

After a while though, I really started to worry about job prospects during the pandemic. I’d had no luck with grad jobs after my criminology degree finished in 2019.

About six months ago, I saw an opening for the Metropolitan Police Detective Training scheme so I applied for it. I genuinely wasn’t expecting to even get through the first stage, but they offered me an interview – along with a handful more. 

So, I went down to London, took part in fitness tests, completed psychological evaluations – you name it. It went silent after that, for a good month. It wasn’t until this Easter, the Met congratulated me via email, that I got the job! I literally couldn’t believe it, I hadn’t expected to get through the first stages, let alone actually get the job. My career is completely different to my pre-covid one and I’m so excited for it to start.