‘Knot’ letting Covid stop creativity

Galit holding some of her macrame products
Galit can spend up to 10 hours a day making her Macrame pieces

From toilet brush holders to giant wall hangings, Galit Colombick has made over a thousand macrame products over lockdown.

In March 2020 self-employed active agent Galit Colombick was just starting to recruit new clients for her fitness business when the whole country was ordered to ‘stay indoors’.

“Then it hit us and I just couldn’t work, you see I don’t get furlough for my job because it was a little business. I didn’t want to worry, my husband said we’ll be fine and I tried not to worry”

With just her and her husband in the house Galit said she wanted to find something “creative” to do with her time.

“Im not sure why the Macrame came to me but it did and it soon became a sort of addiction”

Galit started to make the macrame products just for friends and family. When the demand increased she saw an opportunity to make some money and start to replace the financial hole that COVID-19 had caused by taking away her business.

“I think I must have made over a thousand products now and its meant that being in lockdown hasn’t seemed so bad to me”

With her Instagram following building Galit now has an Etsy store selling her products and a stall at the Leeds city centre market that occurs every second Saturday.