Our luck story

María del Pino Guilabert, 23, feels relieved her grandparents are save, her uncle is healthy and she can get on with her life.

Anxiety was the leading feeling at my home for almost two weeks.

You can never know if you’ll be the next one. Going to the films, getting on a bus, having dinner at a restaurant, partying at a club… We’ve assumed COVID-19 only spreads in such situations where safety measures cannot be respected. 

But what about your home and your family?

Living with my grandparents, uncle and cousins means our coexisting group is formed by ten people, not three. Three times more chance of one of us getting the ‘bug’, thrice as probable to get infected and a risk exponentially higher for my grandparents to be hospitalised. 

Although, my family wasn’t the case; my uncle and I were the only ones infected. 

Often I wondered if we should have worn face masks at home – as many families do – but our trust in each other has overridden what is comfortable over what is safe. Luckily no one was harmed, but like my grandad said: “there is a fine line between luck and chance”. 

For me it wasn’t luck, I wonder if it just wasn’t their turn.

Now, they’ve been vaccinated – one of the first in the country, as they are over 90 years old – and some of us are immune, but looking back I thank our destiny for giving me more time with them.