Jessica Barton Before and After

The before shot of Lauren West.

I shot this image on my iPhone using the ProShot app. I set ProShot to take the image in raw and took the photo using the automatic settings. However, as you can see in the original photo above, it is over exposed, and the colours are dull.

I decided to take this photo of Lauren as I hope to take similar photos for my project, of people shopping for second-hand and reworked clothing. I like this photo because It documents a moment of Laurens shopping experience.

The after shot of Lauren West.

To improve the before image, I used the editing tools on my iPhone. I altered the exposure, brightness, and saturation which enabled me to bring out the detail and colour in the photo, making it look much more professional. I then uploaded the photo to photoshop in order to alter the size of the image for online and to export the raw image as a JPEG. 

During this process I didn’t encounter any problems that needed to be fixed.