Before and After

I shot this image using my Iphone XR on the application ProShot. I wanted to capture a scenario of students enjoying themselves, in this case whilst playing a card game round the table.

Here is the image before.

The ‘before’ candid image

And here is the image after.

The ‘After’ candid image.

On the app I had the shutter set to auto. I then went onto the photos app and turned the Highlights, Shadows, Contrast, Brightness down by about -20, Black Point to -5 and then Saturation, Warmth, Sharpness and Definition by around +20.

The image was slightly dark, so I wanted to give it a warmer tone. A worry I had for this image was that it was slightly boring, with not a lot going on. Of course, when I do the real images there will be more people and more going on.

My phone camera is also not the best, so I will be using a camera for the final project.