Emilia Kettle: Before and After

a women walking down the street with shopping bags
Before editing

I shot this image using a Samsung Galaxy A51 on the built-in cameras pro settings. Using no flash and an ISO level of 32 and a shutter speed of 1/808s. I wanted to take this street candid photo as I plan for my final piece to be made heavily up of street candid photography. 

To edit the image I used the app Snapspeed. The first aspect I changed was the brightness to take away the cloudy haze. Followed by increasing the saturation to make the colours ‘pop’ more, which also helps take away from the photos original grey tones. I also wanted the clouds and buildings to look more detailed so I slightly increased the sharpen and structure levels. 

The last edit I did was to crop the top area of the image as I wanted the women to be the main focus and so my taking away parts of the sky and buildings, helps make the women be the main subject of the entire image. 

a women walking down the street with shopping but brighter
After editing