Emily Carson – before and after

Some scenic shots outdoors

To shoot this image I used the Proshot app on my phone using the manual and shutter on auto setting. I relied heavily on natural lighting for this image as there was such a beautiful sun set. I took this in the city centre focusing it entirely on people as this is where I will be capturing most of my shots for my project,

To improve this image I used the Snapseed app to alter the effects of the image. I used the filter called ‘smooth’ which brightened the sunlight in the image and made the people in it become more clear. I also cropped this image to a landscape view which looks nicer and more people focused. I also wanted the yellow lighting reflecting from the floor to be more prominent and in contrast with the pink colour from the sun and yellow in the sky – this worked with the filter on snapseed.

After image with effects and resizing

One of the problems I had with this image is that originally it appeared quite dark so you could hardly see the people in the image – they only showed as figures. I was able to change this by putting the brightness up and using the ‘smooth’ app on snapseed. Another problem I have is that I did not have my camera so I had to use my phone which does not have the best camera quality but for my project I will make sure to have my camera