Georgia Spence’s Before and After

I shot this image of my boyfriend on my iPhone and despite it seeming extremely posed, it is actually a candid. I thought this image fits well with my project because in documentary portraiture it’s important that the shots aren’t set up.

The before shot of Tim.

The image came out quite grainy originally but strangely I think this worked well because it gives the photo a more nostalgic feel. Tim’s hairstyle and clothes are very 90’s style and I think the lower quality aspect of the photo gives a rustic, film camera grain effect. In documentary photography, you want to bring out these smaller details in the editing, so I left it grainy.

The after shot.

I edited the photo on Snapseed, bringing the saturation up so the blue of the sky pops as well as the red umbrella. I like the lens blur effect to further enhance the subject. If the subject of the documentary photography was how to play with your hair, this would be a great example.