India Rose – Before and after

The ‘before’ image.

I chose to shoot a picture of my partner in the park. Although I have a camera, I decided to use my phone for this as my camera doesn’t enable me to shoot manually.

I accidentally shot my images in portrait instead of landscape but was able to edit one to landscape. This has unfortunately affected the quality of the image upon re-sizing it on my laptop.

The images were taken using the Proshot app, I had the iso on roughly 100 as it was a bright day outside, the focus lay in the middle of the bar at 48 and the white balance and shutter speed were set too auto.

The ‘after’ image.

Before I uploaded my image to Snapseed, I decided to re-size it into a landscape frame with the ratio 7:5 using my iphone editing software. I set my subject slightly to the left-hand side of the frame too as I didn’t want him centred and attempted to pull the colour and definition from the background. I wanted to see the darker outline of the clouds and for the colour to pop.

Settings used:

Brightness +10

Contrast +8

Saturation +6

Ambiance +15

Highlights -30

Shadows -4

Warmth +3

Unfortunately upon blowing up my image, it became less focused and blurry. Upon uploading it, it got worse. I am yet to figure out why, but this is a learning curve.