Louise Hollingsworth’s Before and After

Scarborough’s South Bay Beach – Before shot

I shot this image using my Sony Cybershot DSC – HX60 camera, in the scene selection mode as it’s a wide picture. I wanted to photograph the beach as this is where I’ll be focusing my entire article and I think it would be good to include a beach picture, perhaps.

Scarborough’s South Bay Beach – After shot

I edited the photo using Photoshop, and I edited it by increasing the brightness as it’s a very, very dull picture due to the weather. I also increased the exposure, mainly just playing around with Photoshop but I liked what it did. I also increased the vibrance, and I made the tones warmer and I personally really like the outcome.

I think it’s made the picture look better and definitely more documentary like as the first photograph was too dark and not what it looked like in real life. I personally really like the outcome, even though I would like sunnier weather when I take my photos, I don’t think the edits I have made has taken away from the rainy weather at all.