Molly Capel’s before and after

Portrait of Jordan before editing

I shot this image on my iPhone XR using the portrait mode. I wanted to capture a human subject as that is what my final project will focus on, therefore thought it best to try out the portrait mode feature. I also forgot to shoot landscape so ended up cropping the image before editing.

Portrait of Jordan after editing

This was the shot after I edited it. I began by using the automatic editing tool on the iPhone which immediately brightened it up. I then used the App ‘Snapseed’ to continue editing. As the shot was taken using portrait mode it already had a pull focus on Jordans face, therefore I decided to increase the detailing of the whole picture, which worked nicely with the industrial background. I also increased contrast and warmth which married well with the sun that was already on his face and the building behind. Upon reflection I perhaps brightened up Jordans face too much as I used the spotlight feature on Snapseed but I liked the pull of focus it gave on the colour of his hair and beard.