Oscar Bellerby’s Before and After

The ‘before’ candid image.

I shot this first image using the ProShot app and tried to focus on the elderly man in front of me. I had changed the settings to manual mode and adjusted the brightness setting before taking the picture. Although I’m not wanting to carry out candid photography in my final piece I don’t want my images to appear staged or artificial and there are elements of candidness I’d like to use.

What I liked about this image was the focus on the individual and how he almost appears like a main character. The street itself also guides the viewers eyeline into the distance and gives the illusion that they are walking behind him.

The ‘after’ candid image.

I used Photoshop to edit the image. My first step was to crop and straighten it so that it appeared more level. The brightness and saturation were also elements I edited as I wanted to show the contrast between the subject and his surrounding.

The only concern I had was with the image looking overly edited and too bright. However this process is all about experimenting and I am now more confident with what decisions should be made in the editing process.

Revisited image

After the feedback from the workshop, I decided to lower the saturation of the image and limit the number of changes I made when editing for the second time.