Sam Teesdale: Before and after

I shot these images on my iPhone camera, as it provides a simple and straightforward ‘point to shoot’ type of photography. 

The rucksack within the composition is there to symbolise a dog, as the images that I’d like to capture involve people interacting with dogs. 

The prior image is dull and whitewashed, with little definition or contrast

The images were shot without any effects or presets, I used the iPhone’s built in AE/AF lock to control and lock the contrast and brightness. 

I imported the images into my Macbook, where I used Apple’s photos app to explore the many different options in lighting, definition, colour and more.

The rucksack is used to represent a dog, as my subject matter concerns animals

I increased the saturation, contrast and shadows, while decreasing the brilliance and highlights. This creates a more structured and 3-dimensional image, boosting the dark aspects while reducing whitewashed brightness. 

The image’s structure and definition were already very pronounced, therefore I did not feel the need to alter any of the settings concerning definition.