India Rose – Work in progress

This series of photographs were all shot at Flori Bakery in York for my final photography project. I have been exploring a range of techniques and will be creating some documentary photography shots with both portrait and candid images.

Regular customer Bruce visits Flori bakery every Saturday morning, rain or shine.

This image was one of my favourites, as was Bruce. In this photograph, I really wanted to focus in on Bruce’s expression, whilst having some baked goods on show. The image was supposed to show a bit of the bakeries layout but most importantly, a very important member of its community. This image was taken under quite dark lighting, and so I have edited it in Snapseed to make it appear brighter, but was careful not to leave it with an unnatural look.

Snapseed edits:

Brightness: +10
Contrast: +7
Saturation: +8
Ambience: +11
Shadow: +20
Warmth: +5

India preparing the Daim pieces for the pastries.

I really liked this candid shot I took of India whilst she was preparing the Daim bites for the pastries and having a casual chat and giggle with her co-workers. Her expression drew me to choose this image, she looks happy, relaxed and like she is thoroughly enjoying herself at work.

I began editing the image and felt like I had ruined it in the process, this image is the raw one, with no edits, as I didn’t feel like it needed anything else!

A line of customers wait in the rain to support Flori bakery on a Saturday morning.

This image was taken as two customers approached the entrance of the bakery to order. I loved how the woman was making direct eye contact with the camera, and the man was smiling to greet Amber who is stood out of sight, waiting to take their order. I feel like I achieved a nice candid shot here that integrated with an accidental portrait.

I didn’t use much editing to touch up this image. I went through a series of trial and error before I felt I had it right. Originally, I had tried to brighten the image, but upon doing so, I decided it just didn’t have the right feel to it. The reason I kept it slightly darker, was because it showed the reality of the day. The customers were queuing in a long line, stood patiently waiting in heavy rain on a Saturday morning at 9am, and still had a smile on their faces as they walked around the corner to order.

Snapseed edits:

Highlights: +16
Structure: +3
Shadows: +6
Saturation: +8