Louise Hollingsworth’s work in progress

My photograph’s were taken on Scarborough’s South Bay beach, during a litter pick with Surfers Against Sewage.

Fliss Cater of Surfers Against Sewage

With this first image, I pictured the organiser of the Scarborough’s Surfers Against Sewage beach clean. There are national beach clean’s with the organisation this week. I thought it would be nice to picture her, the litter collected, the litter pickers and the beach behind as it then involves everything it could for a beach littering topic.

The litter collected from the beach clean

With this photograph, I wanted to picture the litter collected and also have the beach background to match the first image. I made the image warmer and brighter, by editing the midtones. I liked having the litter pickers and net in the background too as it shows in itself that litter goes out to water, and the net is used to collect.

Litter collected by myself and my friend

I took this image actually on the beach, of my friend and I’s litter and litter pickers.

Sign for the litter pick / against littering

I wanted to photo this sign because it shows people aren’t just picking up the litter, they’re trying to get the message across that it’s bad. It’s also the signage from the organisation Surfers Against Sewage and the group No More Trash.

Overall, I wanted to make all the images warmer and inviting.