Álvaro Casás – Work in progress

The following photographs were taken during the ‘first contact session’ with the mixed-ability rugby team IncluIndus.

Assistant coach, Kike, helps team captain Andy stand up during training.

My objective with this photograph was to illustrate the essence of IncluIndus: companionship. On the day, Andy was filling quite tired so he constantly wanted to sit down, after a couple of missed opportunities I managed to capture this exact moment.

A rugby exercise aimed at conditioning as well as technique.

Image number 2 is a picture of a moving target, therefore I had to drastically increase the shutter speed to avoid some of the blurriness that may occur – something that I realised a bit too late on the session – as well as shooting in RAW to bring back the sky (which in the original picture looks completely white).

The objective of this photograph was to portrait the players feelings while training. In this case it was joy.

Ultra wide shot of the rugby field El Cantizal.

After the session I managed to get quite a lot of worth photographs of the players, coaches and equipment but I realised that to make it more interesting I needed a wider variety of shots. The one above shows the empty rugby field and the stands; like before, the sky was completely blown out but I believe I did a nice job bringing it back on Lightroom .