Emilia Kettle- work in progress

For this first image, I really wanted to capture the closure of what was once an iconic department store. To get the full extent of the impact, I crouched down and pointed the camera up to show how big the now-empty building is whilst also capturing the people walking around wearing masks to remind the viewer of what was behind the closure of the popular store. More so, I used a high-level shutter speed of 1/845s to achieve the quick shot of people walking by.

leeds city centre, with people walking around, wearing masks
Low shot of what was once Debenhams

In this next photo, I wanted to show the impact covid had on a more human and relatable level and with this candid shot, I feel I have shown that. By showing a man sleeping on a train with his mask on, it reminds the viewer just how much covid has changed about our normal ways of life. To make this photo better quality I had to selectively change the brightness of certain areas, such as slightly darkening the window as the natural light was whitewashing out the main subject. As well as putting a slight lens blur on the image to create all attention towards the main candid subject. 

man sleeping on train with mask on
I want to show how covid has impacted day to day life

For this last candid shot, I hoped to show the full perspective of the main high street. From the abandoned shops to the people wearing masks and the signs reminding people to be safe in ways it sums up the impact covid has had on Leeds. To get the image I used a quick shutter speed and low ISO level, which helped with fade out the natural over brightness. 

high street with couple and people wearing masks
Perspective shot shows the full extent of the high street