Molly Carr- Work in progress

Attempt at collage

Inspired by John Stezaker, I have used a similar method to him by selecting, cutting and combining portraits and landscapes. I have printed out images of both crystals, forests and portrait images and combined them to make a new image.

Test image one

The portrait images have not come out the best quality, when shooting again I will ensure to have the best quality for these images. I believe the portrait images are the most important element here as they tell the story. Next time, I will use the camera on my iPad rather than my phone as it has a better camera.

Test shot image two

I have used purple card to create a background and cut out a variety of portrait images. I have explored with colour and included the word ‘sisters’ as it is associated with my final story. I have also used Snapseed to make one of my portrait images into black and white. I wanted to make the image more defined so I increased the blacks and the whites in the image. I mapped out where I wanted elements of the image by sticking them to the card with Blu Tack, thus I could move them around until I was happy. I then re-photographed the images and made final adjustments using Snapseed.

Test shot three

By doing this I have learnt what works and what doesn’t work before producing images for my final project.

Next time, I will ensure I have better quality portrait images and make my source pose in a different ways. in these images my subject has a similar expression and pose throughout. By combining images in this way I wish to portray ‘different sides’ to my source and tell the story better. Additionally with the background I hope to use more elements associated with witchcraft.