Jacob Lyon – before and after

The crow !


For this I used a Sony DSLR with a telephonic lense on auto focus. I wanted to get a picture of the bird as quick as possible in the moment. I loved that you can see glint of the sun in the birds eye.


I’ve played with the colouring to make the blues stand out more. I’ve also removed some of the brightness from the leaves to make it less glaring. The blue however weirdly makes it more dream like, you can see these peculiar blue tinges dotted on the edge of the crow which I like but that’s all subjective.

This is my favourite shot, however it’s not at 1920 x 1080, I liked the longer width and small height to give the crow more focus in the centre.

I struggled with file types and editing using two monitors. There is a slight difference in tone between my laptop and monitor so editing began to confuse me. Also my raw file looks different before and after it’s converted to JPEG colour wise so I’m not sure what’s going on there.