Kane Daly – Work in progress

For my test shots I wanted to explore taking photos in low light and using post production to enhance the images to bring out colour and detail. I decided to take two portraits (one on an iPhone, one on a DSLR) and I setting shot of scenery.

For my first portrait, I took a photo of Emilia under a heating lamp in the Queen’s Court courtyard. I used the iPhone’s software portrait mode to achieve a bokeh effect, softening the hangings lights in the far ground. I also used post production to enhance the colours of the heater on Emilia to give a nightclub-esque neon effect.

(iPhone 11 – 4.25mm – f/1.8 – 1/14)

I took another portrait of a friend on my DSLR outside Viaduct. While I was able to bring some nice colours and details out of this image, I am less impressed with the end result.

(Canon 550D – 50mm – f/1.8 – 1/125)

Finally, I wanted to practice taking pictures of settings in low light. This is a mural of the Leeds drag queen Miss Orry, located in the Queen’s Court courtyard. With this I wanted to capture the mix between absurdity and mundanity that is often found in queer culture, juxtaposing the vivid and striking drag queen mural with the mundane reality of it being painted on cheap wooden panels and being hidden by a cheap wooden panel table.

(Canon 550D – 50mm – f/1.8 – 1/13)