Work in progress – Rachel Johnston

I have had a few ideas that have not worked out, my new pitch follows a unique postman who has lifted many spirits within in his community, and other characters who have stood out in the area.

I am sticking to a candid style so I can be in the background of his shift, whilst photographing him, his parcels, or just anything that comes into action that day.

I have used using a Nikon J2 for the below shots. I have tried to recreate shots I want to get with my subject.

The first image shows the subject posting letters through a door. The natural light outside was perfect, so I edited the highlights, shadows, contrast and brightness to about -20 and saturation and vibrance to +20 on the Iphone photo app

Natural light was key for this image

The second image shows one of my subjects gardening. I only have one subject so far, so I tried to recreate a similar task. I changed this image to jpeg fine on the camera, and did the same editing skills as before. I changed the dimension settings on the camera, so the two appear different for some reason.

I wanted the subjects focus to be away from the camera.

The third image I struggled with as I couldn’t find portrait mode on the Nikon J1, and the phone pictures where not turning out well. This should be a portrait image.I will be showing 4 different people, introducing them in a portraiture style would be great. The image was also quite dull, so I added extra vibrance, saturation and brightness.

A portraiture image would be good to introduce each subject