Work in progress- Molly Capel

For my test shots, I wanted to make sure I had a subject that might have similar features to that of my end sources/models. I, therefore, asked my boyfriend if I could photograph him as he has a few tattoos and had recently had another one that wasn’t just on his arms so I could try a few different poses and angles.

As per usual used my iPhone XR to shoot the pictures on and just went for the normal camera this time rather than pro-shot as I like the ease of the iPhone whilst it’s still able to create a good quality image.

I took these on a beautiful sunny day during a walk around Hyde park and ended up finding what I think might be my location for the final shoot- A beautiful mural/graffiti wall in central Hyde Park.

Test shot one- Jordans fresh new leg tattoo

This is one of the first shots I took, I really loved the natural light and how it bounced off the colourful wall in the background. I edited this with Ultralight, Altering the saturation and focus, as well as the clarity and detail specifically on the tattoo itself. This was my favourite shot!

I decided to stick to this location and get some more shots of Jordan’s arm tattoos. Again these were shot with an iPhone and as the iPhone has a good focus feature I didn’t have to alter the focus on this image, I worked more with highlights and shadows in this shot as it was slightly darker.

This shot was my least favourite in terms of quality and the shadows that were behind, however, I felt it important to try out a different location and work with different colours in the editing process. I focused on hue and saturation here as-well as trying to add in my own focus during the editing.