Gabby Mercer – Work in Progress

My photograph’s were taken in a variety of different places, the first one is an interviewee:

Within the first image, I photographed one of my sources on the same street corner as her street art. I did get pictures of her next to it also, however because of the hight/position of the sun that day it was difficult to get a good quality shot.

This image doesn’t exactly fit with my origional plan, but it works well on its own and will work well alongside her interview quotes.

This image shows a wall covered in graffiti. I plan to use this image within one of the first sections of my article – discussing graffiti in Leeds and Leeds City Council’s public proposal to police it more heavily.
I think the use of this will work well when leading onto talking about the Meanwood Street Art Group, since the contrast between positive and negative will encourage a discourse between my audience.

The third image is a pink painted box with an owl on the front. This shot was difficult to photograph, as you can see slightly on the right, there was a lamppost directly in front of it.
The angle that I chose to tackle it from works well in displaying it however, and the car on the right also portrays it in an ‘everyday’ setting – on a busy street with lots always happening around it.