How one lady is ‘pooling’ people

Am Clemente from Leeds spoke about how she took up an old-found pool hobby and turned it into a source of income during the pandemic.

”I’d see many people around me taking up online gaming during the pandemic. Then my boyfriend started playing pool on his phone whenever he wanted a little downtime.

”I got hooked into it. I used to play real-life pool when I was younger because my grandma had a table, and I felt competitive that I could beat David [Mrs. Clemente’s boyfriend] at it. We work at a bicycle shop and customers who would come down started getting involved.

“Soon enough, everyone got riled up about who could win at actual pool. Hence, we’d go to random pubs once a week and meet people there, once restrictions were sort of eased.

“I realized I had a good hand at the table, and eventually bets were being placed left, right and centre and I started winning some money, like 100 a week.

“Now I’m getting really into it, I’ll go down to Leicester soon to pick up my own personalised cue stick.

“In a way, I’m thankful for the pandemic because it has, funnily enough, made me more sociable and taken me back to a hobby I totally forgot about.”