How my life changed in lockdown: I lost my husband

From March 2019 my husband was unable to go anywhere because he was suffering from Bone Cancer.

Six months ago down in Cornwall with my son and his girlfriend, 8 months after Wal’s death.

I was limited to my movements during this time, this was to make sure he was kept safe. I would go shopping early hours of the morning or when the big shops opened. The impact was intense – physically, emotionally and mentally so stressful.

I had to sleep on a blow-up bed, and eventually, all medication was stopped. Being told by the Oncologist that Wal was dying, I felt numb, but I quickly had to be strong and carry on as if everything was normal. To keep this up is so mentally draining, but you do.

On the day he died it was rather surreal, having had no sleep for two days, I didn’t feel anything. One of the saving graces was that no one had our house phone number. I couldn’t possibly speak to people, it was the only time I felt in control.

Today, I’m not doing so badly, happy to talk about Wal’s life, but I’d rather look at the positive side of a thirty-six-year relationship with the only man who supported and loved me for who I was. I always said that “Life is what it is, and you have to make the best of what you have and move forward”.