How my life changed in lockdown: I lost my mum

Since February 2021 my mum was diagnosed with cancer of the unknown primary, giving her up to fifteen months to live, she didn’t even make it to twelve.

Victoria’s mother Hilary taken at a wedding before covid

At 32 years of age its not often you need to move back home, this was the reality of knowing how unwell my mother was becoming very quickly. I gave up most of my free time to be at home so myself and my sister could continue to care for my mother over the past year until her passing on the 1st of January 2022.

It’s hard to think that any New Years Day will ever be the same again. I still listen out for her calling us for help. She relied on us for her care and I still feel myself going into her room for an update on my life and although she isn’t physically with us I often talk to her as she is which gives me comfort.

Although my heart aches for my mother no longer with us, knowing that she was able to pass so peacefully with all of her family around her gave me so much hope that she was now at rest and isn’t in any pain, we were given the time to say goodbye that some families don’t always get and I will always be great full for that.

My mother was a hard working and did not want anyone to be sad, she told us if you need to cry you should cry in the shower and step out ready to take on all the touch obstacles that life will throw at us. That will forever live rent free in my head and I hope to continue to make her proud.