How my life changed in lockdown: sense of smell gone forever

Shannon Collins’ life has seen a drastic change after contracting coronavirus.

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So, with the coronavirus pandemic being nearly the age of two years, is it coming to a close at last?

Shannon Collins, who had ‘covid’ back in October 2020 and still hasn’t recovered since. 

16 months later and Shannon has not felt the same as she did prior contracting the virus. 

She had no signs of unusual symptoms which accompanied with Covid-19 however, the overriding concern, was losing her sense of smell for a significantly prolonged time after testing negative. 

Unfortunately, Shannon has still not been able to smell nearly 2 years later. 

Shannon has expressed her infuriation towards this frightening issue and it’s effect on her day-to-day life. 

Shannon’s job before she was forced to quit was ironically, at a perfume/fragrance shop where she was around supposedly, strong smelling scents. However, this wasn’t noticed by Shannon and the more days she was around these perfumed scents, the more frustrated she became.

Eventually, Shannon decided it would be best for her to leave her job as she was now unable to do such an ordinary thing of using her nose to smell.

She has explained that even visiting the doctors, there seems to be no solution for this tormenting problem.