Photo Task – Caitlin Bardsley

Task 1:

Task 2:

As I was shooting on iPhone portrait, I felt like I was limited with their settings. Next time I would maybe put them into an app and have a play around, but as I haven’t used the portrait mode on iPhone before, it was a fun to have a play around with the different lighting settings. I just went for the standards natural lighting.

I like how he is the main focus and the people behind him are blurred. The lighting aswell from the rides, makes the picture brighter and in my opinion more interesting. I also like how the lighting is only one or two colours like purple and blue.

There are casual shots and when it comes to my photojournalism project, these are the type of shots I will be doing. Possibly closer to the subject.

I attempted to use pro shot, but I wasn’t the biggest fan. In the end I ended up getting frustrated, but further practice with the app may help.