Kaveen – Photography practice

Image one of setting up three objects- attempted to get all three objects in sharp focus. Has a much longer depth of field compared to the second image. I found it quite difficult to get all three images in sharp focus especially with the third flower being furthest away from the camera. It meant that I had to take a number of shots as the third flower stayed blurry in a lot of the images. By moving the camera further away, it was easier for me to get all three into focus.

Image two- ensuring that the image closest to the camera is the only one in sharp focus. It is evident that there is a shallow depth of field as I went in closer to the objects with the camera. It was much easier to get the closer image into focus so only took me a few attempts.

I took these images using portrait mode on my iPhone as compared to pro-shot i feel like you can see more of a difference between the three images. On the first image I tapped on the model to focus it which resulted in a blurred background. On the third image I tapped on the screen somewhere in between the model and the background to bring them both into focus.

I did not use a DSLR camera for these images so I struggled with trying to incorporate different F-stops and shutter speeds. However as I would like to produce better images for my final project I will be borrowing a camera to ensure that I have a better understanding of different apertures and shutter speeds.