Week 4: Depth of Field

In these two photos, I have demonstrated how changing depth of field and aperture can affect how photos look when they are being taken. In the first photo, I have a long depth of field and a smaller aperture (F20) to create a sharp focus on all 3 objects. In the second photo I changed the F number to F5.0 to obtain a smaller depth of field and larger aperture, therefore putting the focus on the first image.

In the first image, the F-stop is set at its highest setting (F25), making the lens opening smaller to create a larger depth of field, focusing on the subject and making the background sharper. Although this made the image have a larger focus, it lowered the light in the image, than if the f stop was lower. The photo is a tiny bit blurry but I think this is due to unsteady hands and not the setting of the camera.

In the second image the F-stop is set to the lowest setting (F4.0), making the lens opening larger and creating less depth of field and making the background blurrier and the subject more focused. Having a low f stop should make the image brighter ad more light is being let into the camera, however for some reason the image is darker than the one with the higher f stop, which I think could be due to it being a sunny day and the sun coming in and out of the clouds. But you can tell that the f stop is lower as the subject is much more in focus than the background.

In the third image the F-stop is set somewhere in the middle (14), which made the image have focus on the subject, but doesn’t make the background as blurry, the image is overall in focus but the subject is in focus the most. The image also has a good medium amount of light, making the image not too bright or too dark.