Alyssa’s Photo task

Here there is a clear difference within the images.

In my first image there is less light but a clear focus on the module in frame, by focussing on the module the camera immediately focussed in on my modules features and there became more light making the picture seem more vibrant and awake in the second picture . There for It was a high F- stop in the first picture due to there being less light and a low F- stop in the second as there was more light let into the frame. I then adjusted the settings so it was somewhat in between which created the third image where you can see there is just the right amount of light for the image and it makes it clear but still bright which I think is actually a nice way of taking photos.

You can see in the first picture where the image is focussed on the first object the other two are out of focus but when you focus the entire frame it becomes more detailed and clear through all the objects.