Task Five, Hadiyah Ilyas

Low F-stop, AV setting

One can see that this image of the cherry blossoms is in a very low F-stop. I wanted to create a delicate and ‘magical’ effect with the blur in the background and the soft rising of the buds on display.

High F-stop, AV setting

I took a picture where I wanted many things in focus. Here, one can see a worker in the process of putting up children’s art on a building site wall. I felt that I understood f-stop a lot better after this exercise.

Fast shutter speed, TV

Here, Karl can be seen still in mid-air. I will be using shutter speed a lot for my photography project as I will be focusing on cycling and MTB, where I have to capture a variety of jumps and tricks stunted by riders.

Slow shutter speed, TV

I like the blurriness in the image as I feel it is more abstract and so it appeals to my artistic senses. I could also use blurriness in my project, but I will have to remain sensitive to the principle of not making it look too unprofessional. It has to look intentional if I use this effect.

Fast shutter speed, manual

Attempting to use manual after using TV and AV, I felt more confident but still need a lot more practice.

I learned a lot during the short exercise in the classroom. Narrowing the ways in which I used the camera with limited settings showed me what the shutter and f-stop really does, and the effect that they can have on a picture. This made it a lot simpler to understand how to create an image the way I wanted it to be portrayed.

I felt a lot more confident going out with my camera and was much more satisfied with the outcome. Since I was focusing less on how to operate the device, I was paying more attention to the light and composition of the images. This allowed me to play around with the subject matter.