Hadiyah Before & After

I shot the image with a Canon camera, using a short shutter speed, and about 12 f-stop. I shot it in the ‘rule of thirds.’ I felt this showed the future actions of the subject.

I increased the highlights in this picture, and then decreased the contrast. I then increased the colour balance and played around with some of the other light settings such as cyan, magenta, and yellow colour balances. I found that I didn’t really like any of those observed differences, and it was also quite illusive and disorientating to see the difference after a while, and I became quite confused by the picture I wanted to create or that I thought looked better.

I used photoshop and implemented a ratio of 4:3 as per print standard.


One can observe a more bluish hue as created by adjusting the cyan bar. It is not an effect I especially liked but for the purpose of the exercise, I wanted to show a marked difference.

The difference is indeed subtle.