Kaveen- Workshop Task 5

In today’s workshop I was able to use a Canon camera and was shown how to use the Av (aperture priority) and Tv (shutter priority) settings. We then had the chance to go out and practice taking pictures with different aperture and shutter speed settings. I believe that this task enabled me to have a much better understanding of how to use the two settings correctly by the end of the workshop.

These first two images were taken with a high F stop (Av setting), here there is no blurring as the whole image is in focus providing more overall detail. The shots look natural and have a warm tone to them which causes them to look quiet aesthetically pleasing.

For this image, I used a much lower F stop which resulted in a blurred background as there is a more shallow depth of field. Here you can see that Amelia is in very sharp focus. This setting is something that I will be incorporating into my final project as I want the images in the foreground to stand out, especially if I am taking portrait images of people.

We also looked at different shutter speeds and how this setting would affect our images. These two images were taken with a very fast shutter speed (Tv setting) which meant that I could take action shots which minimal blurring.

For these images I used a slow shutter speed to create a blurring affect. With moving cars it was much objects such as cars, the blurring effect was a lot more easier to capture as they move at a much faster speed compared to people who are walking. I think that the blurring affect that is given from a slow shutter speed can be incorporated into my project in a creative way, as I will be capturing people dancing at a Vaisakhi event.

Overall, the task has given me the confidence to go out and take more pictures so that I can practice as much as possible before I go and capture the event for my project. Knowing how to use the different settings and how they can affect certain shots has motivated me to want to go take more creative images.