Caitlin – Task 5

NOTE: Still need to figure out how to upload them on computer. Couldn’t take camera home because I borrowed it for the day.

For todays workshop, I borrowed a university canon camera and began testing the AV (Aperture Value) and TV (Timer Value) settings.

At first I got confused as to what the different was between AV and TV, but having a workshop on it was definitely helpful.

As you can see the in the slideshow above, there is a mix of pictures with different settings. The first one with Mia jumping and having a blur affect was done using a slow shutter speed. This was easy to capture as people are constantly moving around. It was also easy to capture moving cars with this setting and if you look at the second picture, even though it’s blurry, you can still make out what it is. This is one of my favourite shots.

The fifth image of Sonya smiling, with the car going past blurry was also created on a slow Shutter speed.

Although this was an extremely helpful task, and I would feel confident going back out there on my own, there is still a debate if I’m going to use the portrait mode on my phone instead. I will need to do more portrait shots first, to decide which looks better and will benefit me.