Workshop Task 5

During this workshop, we were given the opportunity to have practical practice with our cameras (mine is a Canon EOS 250D). Understanding in more detail how to exactly adjust the F-stop and Shutter speed became a lot simpler while actually being hands-on with our cameras. While going out during the workshop to experiment, the photos above are just a few that I took which I felt were the most representative of my practice with adjusting the settings.

In the first photo, of the bus moving, although it is blurry, I wanted to use the bus as my object with the shutter speed quite low. Perhaps next time if I play around with increasing the shutter speed, and in the settings of the camera changing the method of focusing from ONE SHOT to AI SERVO (the moving object is better focused), then the bus would then become completely focused and the background would be blurry resulting in a more aesthetically pleasing image.

In the second image, I shutter speed again quite low, but this time I used ONE SHOT focusing setting which in the end worked to my advantage. This has also made me understand the difference between these focusing methods and how different objects (moving or still) can impact the quality and outcome of the image.

In this final image, there was not much that went into adjusting the F stop and Shutter speed settings, rather picking a few objects that in the end complimented one another. I wanted to capture an image with writing with different fonts, sizes, meanings, and placements. I really liked how the writing on Leeds Beckett University looked next to the 20 Zone sign. Sometimes the images you don’t put much thought into turn out to be quite nice to look at.