Isobel’s Before and After


So I decided to choose the scenic shot and I edited this to enhance the colouring of the overall image.

To achieve this image, I used my Nikon Coolpix P530 where I chose to use the Shutter Speed setting as my aim was to capture the running water which I think worked quite effectively.

By using Adobe Photoshop, I improved this image by firstly playing around with the brightness and contrast to see which looked the most effective. I decided to lower the brightness of the image as you could see the rocks in more detail which I thought looked considerably more interesting than previous. In terms of the contrast, I adjusted this higher which made the image appear darker than before however, this also intensifies the colouring of the picture. With this in mind, I did not want to achieve an image with an excessive use of contrast as it would appear more artificial than desired. As well as adjusting the brightness and contrast, I also altered the exposure of the image by lowering it slightly which made everything less bright. But, I thought this looked more compelling.

When on Adobe Photoshop, I had a look at making the image different colour tones such as; making it appear more orange, blue and green. I didn’t like how any of the colours made the image so I decided to stick to more neutral. In addition to this, I moved the vibrance slightly higher which is the result of some parts of the image looking more orange and also enhancing the green colour with the tiny leaf in the bottom left-hand corner, as well as the moss on the rocks.

I like the original image I captured and some parts of how I have edited it, however, I think I could have been more adventurous. I also think I have made the image too saturated that you can see in some areas which is not how I intended for the image to look.