Hadiyah: A Work in Progress

For this task, I shot in RAW. I found that I much preferred editing in RAW as opposed to JPG as it allowed me to have more control and authority over my image. It was also a lot easier to find and create the effects I was wanting to use.

As a result of the previous tasks, I had much more focus on the visuals I engaged with.

In this picture, my subject is centered, with a loose yet prideful ‘superhero’ pose. Initially, the picture had a very blue hue and had much more landscape in the background. However, I created focus on the subject by drawing in closer to her and trying to shoot from below. I wanted to be subtle about the ‘below’ angle I shot in as I wanted to create an image of grandiose. When I was editing, I cropped the image further to take out more of the background. I also sharpened the image, created darker shadows, and reduced the blue hue.

In this photo, I am intruding on the subject’s personal space in order to create a feeling of intimacy which suited well with her expression of concentration. I wanted to create a sharp focus on her hands touching the chain, in a relatively low f-stop. By drawing focus in on her hands and playing with the soft and hazy lighting in the workshop, the photo truly conveyed levels of concentration, craftsmanship and delicacy executed by the individual. Again, I shot in RAW.

I experimented further with creating warmer hues and having the subject face away from the picture. I prefer the angles of the first picture but prefer the placement crop of the second, as I feel the crop starting with the subject’s clothing showed I was closer to her. I also prefer seeing more of her face as she seems to be sort of interacting with the viewer.

Again, I sharpened the image but to 100% here. I like this very much. The previous picture was sharpened but not as much. Upon reflection, I would sharpen the first picture to 100% and crop from mid-clothing onwards to achieve the perfect photo in between both of these final two pictures.