Emmie- A work in progress

This weekend I took the opportunity to get some more experience doing football photography. I did a lot of experimenting with shutter speed and aperture during the shots. I wanted to mainly focus on the relationships between the players and their emotions on and off the pitch. The game was a friendly between members of Bradford City Womens Under 23’s.

Two players (Izzy and Hannah) laughing after the game. Emmie Penkett

This photo was taken just after the match. I used a low aperture to create the blur in the background with a low shutter speed and a low iso due to the sunlight. During editing, I brought down the brightness to reduce exposure as the original picture was very bright and added a small bit of saturation.

Valeria watching her teammates from a distance. Emmie Penkett

For this image I noticed one of the players watching the game from afar and giving her teammates advise. In post production I once again toned down the brightness, but I also added some blur into the background to make the player stand out a lot more. I also cropped the image so she was more centred.

A player going in to tackle another. Emmie Penkett

I also took a lot of action shots such as this one. For these photos I used a much higher shutter speed so I could catch the players in much more detail. However, the shutter speed wasn’t too high so you could still see the speed in which they are moving at. In post production I cropped the image so the players were much more central in the frame.

Ash posing for a photo. Emmie Penkett

This was one of the few photos I did stage. For this photo I used a low aperture, low Iso and a low shutter speed. Ash is known to be the “class clown” amongst the team and I thought I captured this in the photo.