Kaveen – A Work in Progress

For these images I used a Nikon D3100, which is the camera that I will use for my final project. I focussed on adjusting the aperture settings to achieve the effects that I was looking for.

For these three images, I wanted the subject/object to be the main focus of the shot so I achieved this by applying a low F stop. For my final project I am aiming to capture some close-ups of my subjects, and draw focus to what they are doing/certain facial expressions they may demonstrate. To achieve this effectively, I will draw closer to my subject and implement a low F stop setting. I also increased the images contrast and saturation in Photoshop and adjusted the colour balance to create warmer and more vibrant tones. For the first two images I also attempted to follow the rule of thirds, to place more emphasis on the object/subject.

For these two photos I wanted to ensure that the whole image was in focus. To achieve this, I applied a higher F stop setting. The second image also had a fast shutter speed, so that I could capture the water from the pressure jet without any blurring. For my final project I will be attempting to capture some action shots and still shots, where everything is in focus so I will need to apply the right shutter speed and aperture settings. I also took my images outside, capturing the natural daylight as for my main project the event will be taking place outdoors so I need to get used to taking images outside.