Sloane – A Work in Progress

Getting more hands-on hand experience with taking pictures on my Canon (the same EOS 250D) has allowed me to progress in my camera-taking skills. My final photojournalism project will see me documenting an event that the RIGHTTOWALK Leeds-based girls student society group put together. With that being said, I wanted these three images to somewhat resemble certain characteristics of the pictures I intend on taking at the event. In this first image, I noticed the bird and quickly took advantage of a situation that could yield a great picture. In attempting to focus the bird as the primary subject, I lowered the f-stop to enable more background blur. At – for instance – a protest with the RIGHTTOWALK group, I could most certainly take a picture of an attendee, and have them fully in focus with a blurred background.

In this image, I wanted to experiment with a tactic we played around with in week 4 – arranging three objects in sharp focus. Once again, to blur the background I brought the f-stop down quite low. I really like how this image turned out because although there are multiple objects, your perspective can easily change when you pick one object to be fully in ‘your’ focus. I know that there will be many objects at this RIGHTTOWALK event (posters, food, etc) so I can utilize this tactic further and come out with some great shots.

I took advantage once again with this image – I saw a setting and colour tone that I thought could make for a great photo, and it ended up being true. I think sometimes too many photos with lots of objects and people can become quite hectic, and a pretty picture like this can break up those busy photos and allow you to just take it in without trying to process everything. I will definitely do this with my project, but more specifically on the technical side of things, to achieve the best lighting, I wanted this image to have less so I simply lowered the brightness setting on my camera.