Fin Progress Update 28/3/22

I took this photo of the founder of freq- Harry Wilkinson on portrait mode on my phone- iphone XR. In the second picture I tried out editing it to blur the background out more but Im not sure if this had the right effect as in the first photo the people in the background smiling etc add to the effectiveness of the photo.

This is a photo of Distrikt bar in Leeds where freq has a residency, I used a Canon EF with 50mm lens and used a slow shutter speed with flash to get the light trails as the lights were only on flashing and not constantly. This also captured the motion and energy of the crowd as you can see everyone dancing with the lights.

I used a film camera on these two photos to try out the collage aspect I was looking at and Im going to continue trying it out and seeing what I can do with it, this is just an unedited candid photos of one of the DJs- Mitch Lowes on film with flash.