Isobel – A Work in Progress

In this image, I wanted to achieve a very clear focus on my mum’s face, which I think I did quite well (if I do say so myself). Again, I used my Nikon P530 for this image where I used a higher aperture as this was a close up picture therefore, I wanted a smaller depth of field to achieve the focus on just her face.

I decided that I wanted to improve the image further by using Adobe Photoshop to enhance the colouring and shade of the overall image. I first began by lowering the brightness and the exposure of the image which then showed more colours within the scene e.g. My mums hair became more of a gingery colour than the original image once these were lowered slightly. As well as this, I increased the vibrance of the image to boost the orange undertones from the sun in the image. I still didn’t feel completely happy with the editing so I had a look at the ‘Photo Filter’ setting on photoshop where the automatic colour it had detected was orange. Once I had selected this colour, this made the image completely orange therefore, I lowered it down to where there was just a slight orangey colour of the image which I thought worked quite well. I believe this colouring fitted significantly with the overall setting of the image (late afternoon with the sun slowly setting).

This relates closely with my final project piece as I want to focus on ‘Social Documentary’ photography. Perhaps shots which aren’t staged like the above image, with more action shots which strike intrigue and interest.