Sloane – Progress Update

This week has been an ultimate turning point in working towards our final project. At the beginning of the semester when we had to put forward our ‘project pitch’ I knew exactly what I wanted to document – the righttowalk girls society from the University of Leeds hold events that raise awareness and bring to light the importance of women’s safety in Leeds. I knew documenting one of their events, like a spoken word one, would be super interesting and make for a great photoshoot. Unfortunately, though, I realised that this would not work for my final project anymore since they decided to delay the event till the end of June (after our deadline).

This weekend I thought a lot about pursuing different routes, possibly looking into girl groups at different universities, going to a football match to document ‘a day as a spectator’ although nothing stuck and felt worthy enough.

However, I came across an event that would be happening at a perfect time – the Manchester Marathon on April 3rd. I know that with an event like this, there are not only a ton of shots I can already see in my head, but pictures that you can depict lots of emotion from.


  • put together a list of shots you can see yourself capturing on the actual day
  • research the best way of taking pictures at events (angles to capture, people, scene, lighting)
  • have a mess around on camera practising shots of objects that would be similar to the ones at the event (banners, signs, running shoes, runners ID numbers, low angle of everyone running)

As the event is only a week away, this week’s brainstorming will be the most important in order to thoroughly prepare for the day.